Salone Romell

Romell is a Cincinnati native who graduated from Walnut Hills High School in 2005. While serving as a collegiate athlete, he graduated from Thomas More College with two Bachelor of Arts degrees. One in Sports and Entertainment Marketing and the other in Business Administration. After pursuing a professional career, Romell completed his graduate degree at Xavier University where he received an M.S. in Sports Administration in 2012.

Romell is entering his second year as an Athletic Director at Taft High School. Before accepting his current position, he interned with multiple Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) Athletic Departments, taught within CPS schools and coached high school basketball.

Since a very young age, Romell has had a passion for sports and youth. He has strived to be a positive role model and mentor. He has a son (Romell Jr.), numerous family members and kids looking up to him, and he feels it is his job to show them that they too can break the cycle.

Personal mantra: When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful.