Celebrating Unity and Athletic Excellence: 513 Day Unites Cincinnati’s Sports Community

In an exciting collaboration, ABC is teaming up with the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds, FC Cincinnati, Cincy Shirts, and Cincinnati Public Schools to honor local athletes this upcoming 513 Day. This initiative aims to highlight the unity and spirit of Cincinnati by bringing together professional sports teams and high school athletes under the banner of #TeamCincy. Through the tagline ‘No matter where you started, we are all #TeamCincy’, the event underscores the inclusive ethos that binds the community together.

Leading up to May 13th, ABC will shine a spotlight on exceptional Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) student athletes who have demonstrated outstanding prowess in their respective sports throughout the year. These athletes have been recognized as CPS Scholar Athletes of the month, showcasing their dedication and achievements on and off the field.

Moreover, our initiative will also feature profiles of local professional athletes, offering insights into their journeys and the values they share with the community. By sharing these stories, the aim is to inspire pride, foster inclusivity, and strengthen the sense of unity within Cincinnati.

As part of the celebration, Cincy Shirts is offering a limited edition t-shirt designed to commemorate 513 Day! Featuring elements from the Bengals, Reds, and FC Cincinnati, the shirt symbolizes the collaborative spirit of #TeamCincy. Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will directly support ABC’s mission to support CPS student athletes, further reinforcing the community’s commitment to nurturing local talent.

Join us in celebrating 513 Day and supporting our student athletes by purchasing a limited edition t-shirt! Together, let’s champion the spirit of unity and pride that defines our beloved Cincinnati. Click below to get your hands on this exclusive merchandise and show your support for #TeamCincy!