Enrichment Activities for Students in Need

Since 2004, ABC has worked to provide enrichment activities for students in the Cincinnati area. Through forming strong partnerships with local organizations, we have served over 15,000 students annually with our free, high-quality programming.


ABC’s mission is to help students succeed through equitable opportunities in arts, athletics, and wellness that build character, ignite passions, and instill values that last a lifetime.


Thriving children, engaged parents, and supportive communities.


EMPOWERING: We give staff, students, and communities the tools and agency to lead a life of freedom, choice, and opportunity.

EXEMPLIFY I.D.E.A.: We are inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible, and channel these values in our community work.

INTEGRITY: We do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. We are accountable, honest, transparent, and trustworthy.

PROBLEM SOLVERS: We are committed and intentional strengths-based leaders. We illuminate obstacles, that we may overcome them together.

COLLABORATIVE: Our work is built on the foundation of strong partnerships, family engagement, and community drive.

HOLISTIC: Through wraparound services that engage the whole family, we seek to solve root causes to systemic problems.

Organizational History

Beginning in 2004 to increase and enhance extracurricular activities for Cincinnati Public School (CPS) students, Activities Beyond the Classroom (ABC) has grown into a respected extracurricular and outreach organization, supporting the CPS community for over 15 years. With the belief that every student is entitled to educational enrichment and extracurricular activities that develop, teach and inspire them, our partnership with CPS over the past decade has provided this access to tens of thousands of students whose financial hardships would hinder participation in these activities.

Today, ABC continues to assist with over 200 programs and activities each year, impacting more than 15,000 CPS students through a well-rounded school experience. From overseeing District-wide enrichment programs to our Extracurricular Directors managing high school athletics, ABC supports the goal of every Cincinnati Public Schools student having a positive, well-rounded educational and extracurricular experience.

In addition to extracurricular activities, ABC administers well over 100 donor-directed funds for programs benefiting CPS students, totaling over $600,000 in financial support. From arts programs, to summer camps, to additional resources for students experiencing homelessness, over 10,000 CPS students are affected by these funds every year. ABC oversees the financial management of each fund, working with donors to ensure their money has a high-level of accountability and impact.