Support Activities Beyond the Classroom…Because poverty shouldn’t be a barrier to success

Activities Beyond the Classroom is a nonprofit that creates and manages more than 200 athletic and cultural extracurricular programs and activities, ranging from foreign languages to team sports, for more than 15,000 students in Greater Cincinnati every year.

In CPS, 80% of students are at or below the Federal Poverty Line. These kids are the most at-risk kids in our city. They need support, structure, advice, and instruction—not just in school, but after school as well. That is exactly what ABC provides—at NO COST—because we believe poverty shouldn’t be a barrier to success.

Extracurricular activities for students increase graduation rates by almost 20%, according to a study by the University of Alabama. Activities Beyond the Classroom offers the opportunity to support students to ensure their participation in extracurricular activities on an annual basis.

ABC raises money specifically so children can participate in extracurricular activities at no cost. Your donation directly supports the 15,000 students who participate in our programs.

Support Today

Many Ways to Support ABC

  • Donate via cash or checks. These can be mailed to our address: 635 West 7th Street, Suite 301, Cincinnati, OH 45203
  • Enroll in monthly giving. When you click on the paypal button above, just be sure to check the box to donate every month! Donating $20 a month (the cost of your netflix subscription) gets three students through an entire season of ABC’s elementary soccer program
  • ABC accepts gifts of stock. If your portfolio has been doing well, please share your secrets with us; or even just the fruits of your labor. We also accept gifts of cryptocurrency. Email Vanessa, ABC’s Director of Advancement, for instructions of sending either of these gifts.
  • Looking for a tax deduction? ABC accepts gifts of Qualified Charitable Distribuitons from your IRA, as well as gifts from your Donor Advised Fund. Speak with your financial planner today about how you can make these gifts. 
  • Is ABC the beneficiary of your estate plans? Let us know so we can thank you properly and plan for the future.