Activities Beyond the Classroom and the Cincinnati Public School district (CPS) have held a partnership for over 18 years, working together to provide enrichment programming to CPS students.

Activities Beyond the Classroom and the Cincinnati Public School district (CPS) began their partnership in 2005, when ABC took over management of Stargel Stadium. From there, the partnership strengthened and expanded. Last year, ABC served 15,000 students through our wide variety of programming and support.

For CPS that meant focusing on educating Cincinnati children, and for ABC, it meant focusing on extracurricular programming. The ABC-CPS partnership now includes a variety of programs, including management of high school and junior high athletic budgets at 14 schools, management of Community Learning Centers at 13 schools, the CPS International Jazz Festival, the CPS Athletic Hall of Fame, and much more.

ABC and CPS are united in a partnership with a common goal of providing the children of Cincinnati Public Schools the best resources and opportunities possible, whether that’s in or beyond the classroom.

High School Athletics

ABC partners with CPS to administer the athletics purchasing budgets for grades 7-12 at thirteen CPS high schools; ABC provides full-time Athletic Directors to oversee the school’s onsite activities and needs. Each school’s athletic fund is used to purchase equipment, uniforms, officials, transportation, security and more.

Community Learning Centers

CPS Community Learning Centers (CLCs) serve as hubs for a range of community services and provide a system of integrated partnerships that promote academic excellence and offer recreational, educational, social, health, civic, and cultural opportunities for students, families, and the community. 

ABC employs Resource Coordinators at each school to manage these Community Learning Centers. In addition, Resource Coordinators cultivate relationships with individuals and organizations, facilitating unique and essential opportunities for the students under their care.

CPS Athletic Hall of Fame

CPS and the Activities Beyond the Classroom (ABC) commemorate the heritage, spirit and significance of interscholastic sports, and the coaches and athletes who have contributed to the athletic programs at CPS’ high schools. Their contributions have maintained pride in the community’s athletic traditions and inspired others through outstanding athletic achievements.