Elementary Athletics

Activities Beyond the Classroom strives to provide every child who attends Cincinnati Public Schools should access to athletic programming including our elementary school students. We strongly believes that introducing elementary aged students to athletics at a younger age helps them to develop critical skills both on and off the field. 

Youth Soccer

Teaching young students how to play soccer is a great way to introduce them to team sports and help them learn to work collaboratively. Many consider the sport of soccer to be safer than other sport activities such as football. Soccer is a sport that is played worldwide reaching across cultural and language barriers, allowing students from various backgrounds, skill levels and physical compositions to work to achieve a common goal. At the end of each season students are invited to participate in multi-school invitational which allows them to come together to learn and play. Community partners, including professional athletes from FC Cincinnati, participate in the activities encouraging students to pursue their physical talents.

Youth Tennis

The sport of tennis is a great way to teach both physical and mental toughness to elementary-aged students. Tennis teaches students to be resilient and agile both on and off the court. The use of modified equipment allows us to turn any flat surface into a tennis court. Often considered an elite sport, our goal is to place a tennis racket in the hands of every student in the Cincinnati area. Tennis programming is offered both during the school day in gym class and through after school tennis clubs. Each summer students are invited to participate in the Western Southern Open Kids Day at no cost, thanks to the generosity of Tennis For Charity.

Swimming For Safety

Learning to swim at a young age can provide a variety of physical benefits including enhanced motor skills. It is also the only sport that is considered life-saving, as learning to swim can help prevent accidental drowning (in the Cincinnati area, drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under 5).

In its pilot year of ABC’s Swimming Program, 30 students at Taft Elementary were taught water safety skills and how to tread water. During the 2018-2019 school year the program expanded to teach various strokes and was offered to 130 CPS students. We hope to continue to expand this program and offer more students this valuable skill set.

Martial Arts

Partnering with Five White Tigers Martial Arts allows us to offer Cincinnati Public School students an opportunity to learn self-defense and personal awareness. Each year a number of CPS students are invited to participate in an annual district-wide martial arts tournament. Student who participate in Martial Arts are taught three core values. Learning these core values improves students’ performance and behavior inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Discipline – students are taught the art self-control
  • Respect – students are taught to respect themselves and others
  • Patience – student are required to work hard to achieve their desired results

ABC is excited to offer students who live in close proximity to Mt. Airy and Hartwell Elementary the opportunity to participate in the sport, even if they do not attend classes at the aforementioned schools. We are also inviting our legacy students, older students who were formerly involved in our Martial Arts programming, to participate at these locations.

Learn More

We encourage you to get your elementary students involved in the variety of athletic programs offered at Cincinnati Public Schools. To learn more, please contact your child’s school directly.