ABC Programs

We offer a variety of extracurricular programs to enhance the lives of students throughout Cincinnati Public School District. Learn more about our programs by clicking on the items below.

  • ABC Clubs

    ABC Clubs are no-cost afterschool programs for elementary school children who attend participating Cincinnati Public Schools (“CPS”). Activities Beyond the Classroom (“ABC”) designed this program to enrich the lives of students and families by providing a fun, safe environment for children at the elementary school level. Our role is to expand learning and skill development opportunities for students, beyond the classroom.

  • Elementary Athletics

    Activities Beyond the Classroom strives to provide every child who attends Cincinnati Public Schools should access to athletic programming including our elementary school students. We strongly believes that introducing elementary aged students to athletics at a younger age helps them to develop critical skills both on and off the field. We pride ourselves in giving students opportunities to interact with their peers while engaging in physical activity.

  • KISR!

    KISR!, which is short for Kids ISchool Rule!, provides extracurricular and enrichment opportunities for ALL children in Cincinnati Public Schools—including those in foster care—is the primary focus for Activities Beyond the Classroom. But because of the nature of foster care, it can be difficult for children to enroll in and maintain consistency in their activities.

  • AAA Pathway

    AAA (Athletic and Academic Accountability) Pathway program, a comprehensive student athlete development program designed to provide CPS athletes the supports needed to achieve success in both their academics and athletics and pursue their career goals. Delivered through a partnership with CPS Athletics, AAA Pathway includes career coaching, academic support, nutritional guidance, and mentoring.