World Languages

Languages are more than ways to communicate. The words we use help us to connect, express ourselves, and share pieces of our cultures and worlds with each other. ABC supports and runs several free programs teaching world languages throughout Cincinnati.

Spanish & American Sign Language (ASL)

ABC provides Spanish lessons to students at Rockdale Academy. Students learned the basics of Spanish language, including numbers, letters, and common phrases. In the 2022-23 school year, 65 students at Rockdale Academy participated in Spanish lessons.

ABC provides American Sign Language (ASL) courses afterschool to students at Woodford Academy. Participants meet once a week for three months with an activity instructor, where they learn to sign their names, letters, numbers, emergency language, common phrases, as well as basic conversational techniques. In 2022-23, nine students participated in American Sign Language (ASL) afterschool. These students are now equipped to make their community a bit more welcoming to students who are hard of hearing.

Biliteracy Before High School

ABC supports the biliteracy program at Cincinnati Public Schools. In 2022-23, forty 8th grade students were joined by their families and honored for achieving a second world language. 

The Academy of World Languages (AWL)  joined to recognize qualifying students in grades 6-8, for their language gains. Approximately 100 students attended the year-end celebration recognizing the program for their work practicing and studying a second language. After presenting what they had learned, the students were served foods representing each culture of the languages represented. All students earning high school credits were recognized for their proficiency in their language of study.

Ohio Seal of Biliteracy

A seal of biliteracy recognizes seniors who can demonstrate high levels of proficiency in English and at least one other language. ABC supported this program by recognizing each qualified student with a certificate of completion providing them with a graduate medal. ABC aligns its language programs with our elementary language celebrations so students can continue language studies in high school.

Sixty students participated in this free program, and 30 graduating seniors received their seal of biliteracy. In addition, several juniors qualified to receive the seal in their senior year.

Live a Language Foundation dissolution and contribution to ABC

The Live a Language Foundation was founded in 2015 to promote world language learning and cross cultural understanding. The foundation provided students from all backgrounds pursuing language skills to support a strong global economy, prepare students for careers, and increase cultural sensitivity.

When the foundation realized it needed to dissolve, it sent all remaining funds to Activities Beyond the Classroom to support low-income students pursuing educations in world languages.