Activities Beyond the Classroom aims to form strong partnerships with the Cincinnati community, in order to achieve our goal of connecting every student with enrichment activities. ABC partners with school districts, such as Cincinnati Public Schools, to manage the athletic budgets, manage Community Learning Centers, and work together to provide programs and events to students. ABC also partners with organizations who seek to provide enrichment activities to children, through mentorship and acting as the fiscal agent for our Member Services accounts.

Cincinnati Public Schools

Activities Beyond the Classroom and the Cincinnati Public School district (CPS) began their partnership in 2005, when ABC took over management of Stargel Stadium. From there, the partnership strengthened and expanded. Last year, ABC served 15,000 students through our wide variety of programming and support.

For CPS that meant focusing on educating Cincinnati children, and for ABC, it meant focusing on extracurricular programming. The ABC-CPS partnership now includes a variety of programs, including management of high school and junior high athletic budgets at 14 schools, management of Community Learning Centers at 13 schools, AAA Pathway, the CPS International Jazz Festival, the CPS Athletic Hall of Fame, and much more.

Member Services

Within our first two years of existence, ABC became the fiscal agent for several schools in need of a booster club, and as word spread, more and more schools and community members came to ABC asking for help. ABC became a mentor and the fiscal agent for many enrichment programs.  In 2015, ABC worked with over 100 partners, managing over $600,000 for them. Currently, those numbers have grown to over 200 partners and $900,000.

We are honored and humbled to partner with so many amazing non-profit organizations in the Cincinnati area as their fiscal agent, helping them to achieve their goals and make an impact.

Summer Programs & Camps

ABC connects children in Cincinnati to fun enrichment activities all summer long! If you live in Cincinnati and are looking for exciting & engaging summertime activities for your child, then you’ve come to the right place!