ABC and Adopt A Class Reaffirm Partnership Heading Into New School Year

As students and families embrace a new school year, ABC is excited to strengthen our partnership with Adopt A Class throughout the 2022-2023 school year. Adopt A Class connects teams of volunteer mentors from local corporate organizations and civic groups with schools in the community. Through their group mentoring program, Adopt A Class exposes students to a breadth of life and career readiness experiences, enabling thousands to engage in enrichment activities they otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience. They share ABC’s goal of bringing extra opportunities to students in need and inspiring students to explore new career paths that they may not have ever thought possible.

This school year, Adopt A Class will place teams of volunteer mentors at six elementary schools where ABC is the lead agency: Cheviot, Hartwell, Rockdale, Silverton, Woodford, and Winton Hills. Over 45 classrooms of students at these schools will get to explore a wide array of career paths through engaging, educational activities focusing on college and career readiness, STEAM, and essential employability skills, provided by mentors the volunteers during classroom visits. Students will also experience enriching field trips back to mentor teams’ places of employment or with an Adopt A Class community partner. Organizations such as VEGA Americas, Kroger, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Paycor, Cintas, Macy’s, and many more, participate in the Adopt A Class program, supporting students throughout the entire school year.

Adopt A Class Supports Cincinnati

In addition to the 6 CPS schools where ABC is the lead agency, Adopt A Class has also connected over 240 teams of corporate volunteers to classrooms across 36 schools in the Greater Cincinnati area, including 23 CPS schools. With the help of over 140 partner organizations, Adopt A Class reaches over 6,500 students in our communities.

At the end of the previous school year, Adopt A Class named ABC’s Cheri Jordan the 2022 Resource Coordinator of the Year for her exemplary work at Silverton Elementary. Cheri was honored during their end of year awards ceremony on June 7, 2022, at the Greenacres Arts Center.

ABC is grateful for the work of Adopt A Class and we look forward to a prosperous partnership this year and beyond!