ABC Hosts Spring Invitational for Elementary Soccer Program

As the school year comes to a close, we at ABC think it is important to take time to celebrate the  goals and accomplishments of our young students. We also know the value of an all-day field trip, focusing on athletic skills, sportsmanship, and fun outside!

We are grateful for another successful year of our elementary athletics programs promoting teamwork, leadership, and physical health in our Cincinnati youth. That’s why we organized the end-of-school-year event for our elementary soccer program, the ABC Spring Soccer Invitational!

On Friday, May 5, 2023, over students in ABC’s Elementary Soccer program descended on Stargel Stadium in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood for a full-day of soccer related activities. Over 80 students represented 8 different CPS elementary schools were given the free opportunity to participate in this day-long event.

The invitational is the culminating event after our ABC Soccer program, in partnership with FC Cincinnati Community Foundation, wherein students get to participate in an afterschool soccer program in the spring and fall months, at no charge!

The ABC Soccer Invitational happens biennially, and it brings together elementary school students from all our participating schools for mini-games, skills clinics, and fun health oriented and team building activities. Each student also receives a free meal and nourishment throughout the day. 

The games are played in a fun and positive environment which emphasizes sportsmanship over, and every participant receives gifts to commemorate the experience at the close of the event. The ABC Soccer Invitational not only promotes physical activity but also encourages socializing and building community relationships among young athletes. 

We are incredibly grateful that we were able to participate in providing this opportunity to our elementary students in Cincinnati Public Schools. While this event presents a great opportunity for our youth to have fun outside, it is also a chance to learn and develop essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, and sportsmanship. The Spring Soccer Invitational goes beyond just physical activity and provides a platform for children to connect with others, build friendships, and learn to be part of a team.

We’d like to thank Anthem and TQL Foundation for sponsoring the ABC Soccer Invitational and all our participating students! And thanks most to our youth across the city that spent their out of school time having fun with us. We hope we see you again next year!