ABC’s Cheri Jordan Named Resource Coordinator of the Year By Adopt A Class

Activities Beyond the Classroom is proud to share that Cheri Jordan was named the 2022 Resource Coordinator of the Year by Adopt A Class.

Cheri Jordan is the resource coordinator at Silverton Elementary, where 74% of students come from low-income households. “We’ve seen some really tremendous successes at Silverton Elementary, due to Cheri’s hard work,” shared Deputy Director Rachel Stallings. “She has connected the school to some great support and been essential to nurturing the relationship with other nonprofits like Adopt a Class.”

“Cheri is truly a joy to work with,” said Director of Advancement Carmen Lawrence-Bille. “She is an excellent listener who hears the needs of her community. She’s great at finding solutions to meet these needs, and she follows through on these ideas with clear communication and efficiency. She’s a team member I know I can count on. I’m not at all surprised Cheri won this award; she is an exemplary resource coordinator.”  

“Our resource coordinators have tremendous impact in their schools,” said Stallings. “Through ABC’s network of support and partners, our team is able to bring projects to fruition incredibly efficiently.” ABC’s resource coordinators connect students and families to organizations and supports to promote their success and wellness both in and outside of school. “We are incredibly proud of the work our resource coordinators do in their ten schools across Cincinnati and we plan on growing our resource coordination program at ABC.”

Adopt A Class Celebration Breakfast at Greenacres

Adopt A Class Executive Director, Sonya Fultz, presents Cheri Jordan with the award for the Resource Coordinator of the Year

Cheri was honored at an awards ceremony held on June 7, 2022, at Greenacres Arts Center. The audience consisted of luminaries from across Cincinnati’s corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. “It was a beautiful ceremony, held in one of the most gorgeous spaces in Cincinnati, filled with honorees that are making this city a better place every day,” commented Carmen Lawrence-Bille.

Adopt a Class is present in 33 schools across the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky region. With the help of over 130 partner organizations, it has reached 5,000 students in our communities. It was through a partnership with Adopt a Class and ABC’s Cheri Jordan that enabled VEGA America’s field trip to Silverton Elementary this past school year. ABC is grateful to have Adopt A Class provide incredible learning opportunities at four CPS schools where ABC is the lead agency, and we hope to strengthen our partnership with their organization, and increase their presence where we are the lead agency.