Register now for Advocate for Education Day!

All children deserve school systems where they can thrive. That’s why Activities Beyond the Classroom is proud to partner with School Board School, an organization dedicated to the training and education of future Board of Education candidates, to cohost Advocate for Education Day! Registration is open NOW!

At the start of the school year, and as we prepare to vote in this year’s school board election, we’ll bring together elected leaders and community members from across the tri-state to learn how to organize and advocate, make new connections, and take action. Event attendees will learn with and from diverse speakers and facilitators such as keynote speaker US Representative Greg Landsman, district Treasurers Jennifer Wagner (from our very own Cincinnati Public Schools!) and John Espy (who serves our friends in Milford Schools), Ohio State Representative Dani Isaachsohn, Ohio State School Board Member Katie Hofmann, and staff members from advocacy groups like Honesty for Ohio Education and Red Wine & Blue. 

The event will take place Saturday October 7, 2023 from 8:30am-4:45pm, at UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub. This conference is open to everyone who believes our school systems should be designed so that every student is safe, included, reflected in their curriculum and staff, and educated. Better yet, the day long event is FREE! 

Seats are limited so register now at: 

We urge all of our community members to take time now to educate themselves on the candidates and to make a plan to vote. Voting registration is due by October 10 in Hamilton County, and early voting starts on October 11! Voting is easier and more accessible than ever, but still requires some planning if you have family to care for and places to be. We encourage you to visit your county’s website for more information on voting (Hamilton County’s website is found here).