Brian Leshner Commended by CPS Board of Education

On June 13, 2022, former Activities Beyond the Classroom (ABC) Executive Director, Brian Leshner, received a formal commendation from the Cincinnati Public School (CPS) Board of Education for his 18 years of service to the district.

“Brian has always completed his executive obligations and duties for ABC with understanding, consideration, and good humor and always with a sense of integrity, keen intelligence, and a gentleness of spirit to everyone,” reads the commendation, which was passed unanimously by the six board members present. Brian attended the meeting in-person to accept the commendation, where he received a standing ovation from the Board of Education and an engraved plaque celebrating his achievements.

“Brian has done a magnificent job,” Dick Friedman, ABC’s President of the Board, acknowledged to the Board of Education. “We are so pleased, and we thank [the Board of Education] for the commendation and the resolution. Brian deserves everything. He is the best of the best.” ABC board members Bob Bedinghaus and Carol Gibbs, as well as current Executive Director Sally Grimes, also joined Dick, standing behind Brian Leshner as this resolution was passed. Their glowing smiles as Brian received his plaque spoke volumes about the pride they each feel in being a part of Brian and ABC’s stories.

Brian shook hands, bumped elbows, and hugged all board members present with a mutual respect and admiration that comes from years of collaboration and support. As Brian accepted his commendation, he shared, “I said [this position] was going to be my ‘legacy job,’ and it turned out to be my legacy job. I can’t feel any better about anything I’ve ever done, than head up ABC.”

Though Brian has exited the role as Executive Director, he remains an active member of the ABC family as a member of the advancement staff. To learn more about Brian Leshner’s accomplishments with ABC or to congratulate Brian on this commendation, please visit or get in touch.