Children in ABC Martial Arts Program Shine at Taekwondo Championship

On Saturday, January 26, 2019, twenty students from ABC’s Martial Arts program and their parents traveled to Westfield, Indiana, a town outside of Indianapolis, to compete in the Midwest Taekwondo Championships. During the event, students participated in a variety of martial arts competitions including forms, board breaking and more. Many of the students who participated placed in the top three of their respected competitions.

Master RJ Trusty, the martial arts instructor, said, “We showed up to a tournament that was much larger than we expected with a level of competition that was much tougher than we have been exposed to in the past. Our students showed great poise, behavior and resilience throughout the competition. I cannot be prouder of our students and this program.”

ABC’s Martial Arts program is currently offered at two CPS schools, Mt. Airy and Hartwell Elementary. In partnership with Five White Tigers Martial Arts, the program teaches students both the technical aspects as well as the personal development aspects of martial arts training. Of the 24 students who are involved in the after-school program, eight have increased in rank from white belt up to as high as green belt—the highest level available for junior participants.

The ABC Martial Arts program provides year-round training at no cost to the students and their families. Our goal is to expand this program, so even more children can participate next year.  The program is only possible thanks to the generous support of our donors.  Please consider making a donation today.

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