ABC’s Heather England is Named RC of the Year By Adopt A Class

Adopt A Class Executive Director, Sonya Fultz, presents Heather England with the award for the Resource Coordinator of the Year

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on an exceptional individual who has made an incredible impact on the lives of students at Rockdale Academy. Heather England, ABC’s Resource Coordinator placed at Rockdale Academy, has been named Resource Coordinator of the Year by Adopt a Class. This prestigious recognition is not only a testament to Heather’s dedication and hard work but is also a momentous achievement for ABC, as it marks the second consecutive year that one of our Resource Coordinators has received this esteemed honor. Let us take a moment to celebrate Heather’s outstanding accomplishments and the positive influence she has had on her school community.

Heather’s unwavering commitment to the students and staff at Rockdale Elementary School as a resource coordinator has played a pivotal role in creating an inclusive and engaging environment for all. Heather goes above and beyond her job description, always seeking innovative ways to enhance the educational experience for students. “Ms. England is an exemplary Resource Coordinator,” commended Rockdale Academy Principal, Dr. Jaren Finney. “She is an effective communicator… always professional, dependable, and keeps all stakeholders connected while ensuring that tasks get completed with excellence!”

Whether it’s organizing after-school programs, coordinating field trips, or connecting families with vital community resources, Heather’s passion shines through in everything she does. Her tireless efforts have greatly contributed to Rockdale’s mission of creating an inclusive and safe environment as well as maintaining open and honest communication between the school and the community. 

Heather’s impact extends far beyond the walls of Rockdale Elementary School. Her dedication and unwavering commitment have served as a beacon of inspiration for her colleagues and the wider ABC community. She leads by example, demonstrating the immense value of resource coordination and the transformative power it holds in shaping young lives. “Heather has demonstrated an exceptional ability to hit the ground running and quickly establish herself as a valuable asset to the team,” reflected ABC’s Senior Manager of Resource Coordination, James Lacey (Heather’s manager). “Her swift integration into this role and her continued impact as a great leader is truly commendable. We are very proud of Heather’s commitment to this work and to serving her community.”

We believe that Heather and Cheri Jodan’s success in securing this coveted award for ABC two years in a row is a testament to the ABC’s reputation for excellence and dedication to student success. Heather’s achievements highlight the importance of resource coordination and its ability to bridge gaps, provide opportunities, and create a nurturing educational environment.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Heather for her remarkable achievement and commend her for her ongoing dedication to creating a nurturing and inclusive educational environment. Her exemplary work not only benefits Rockdale Elementary School but also sets an example for Resource Coordinators across the city and far beyond.

As we celebrate Heather’s success, we would also like to acknowledge all of our Resource Coordinators’ commitment to excellence and service. With talented individuals like Heather leading the way, we can confidently say that the future holds great promise for the students and communities served by ABC.

We look forward to witnessing Heather’s continued impact and the continued success of our Resource Coordinators in transforming the lives of students, one student at a time.

Adopt A Class Supports Cincinnati

Adopt A Class connects teams of volunteer mentors from local corporate organizations and civic groups with schools in the community. Through their group mentoring program, Adopt A Class exposes students to a breadth of life and career readiness experiences, enabling thousands to engage in enrichment activities they otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience.

Adopt a Class is present in 36 schools across the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky region. With the help of over 160 partner organizations, it has reached 6,750 students in our communities. 

During the 2022-23 school year, Adopt A Class had 198 teams of 1,700 mentors serving over 4,350 students at Cincinnati Public Schools. Their amazing mentorship program reached over 45 classrooms of students across six CPS schools where ABC is the lead agency: Cheviot, Hartwell, Silverton, Woodford, Winton Hills, and of course, Rockdale Academy.

We’re so grateful to partner with this phenomenal organization, and grateful also that they recognize the tremendous value of our Resource Coordinators in high-need schools.