Reds Community Fund Presents New Baseball Uniforms to Shroder

Charley Frank, of the Reds Community Fund, presents new uniforms to the baseball team at Shroder High School.

On Monday, April 10, 2023, the Reds Community Fund presented brand new uniforms to the baseball team at Shroder High School. Reds mascot Gapper was in attendance as well, to energize the audience and present the jerseys to the team. This opportunity came through the partnership of ABC, the Reds Community Fund, and Cincinnati Public Schools.

All interscholastic baseball and softball programs that submitted their 2023 budget or spending plan for donations were eligible to be chosen to win a new set of Nike uniform tops. This was made possible through their partnership with Nike.

ABC’s Senior Manager of Athletics, Ricky Miller, worked closely with CPS and Don Newberry, ABC’s Athletic Director at Shroder, to submit a plan for Shroder’s baseball team.

Through great fortune, Shroder High School was selected through a random drawing, awarding their baseball team with brand new uniforms.

Shroder Athletic Director Don Newberry addresses the audience.

Students and faculty gathered in the gymnasium after school on Monday April 10th for the presentation of new uniforms to the baseball team. Charley Frank, the Executive Director of the Reds Community Fund, addressed the crowd to congratulate Shroder and thank those who made this possible.

ABC’s Athletic Director at Shroder High School, Don Newberry, also spoke to thank Nike and the Reds Community Fund for gifting the uniforms to the team. In addition, Newberry thanked ABC and CPS for working together to make this possible.

After the speeches, Gapper presented the new uniforms to the baseball team. The team then tried on their new uniforms, and showed them off in a few pictures.

Gapper displays the new uniforms for the audience.

Immediately following the ceremony, Shroder’s baseball team headed out to play their first game of the season against Hughes. The team will have their next home game on Saturday, April 15th, against Riverview East. 

“Shroder had not had new baseball uniforms for several years and it’s great to get them something new and something as special as custom Nike tops, that the kids can take pride in wearing,” adds Newberry.

ABC is absolutely delighted to be able to partner with the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund and Cincinnati Public Schools, to bring these amazing new uniforms to students at Shroder High School. Through acts such as this, we hope to encourage students to participate in baseball and softball, and keep Cincinnati Public Schools students engaged in extracurricular programs.