Resource Coordinators: The Bridge Builders of Our Communities

Children enjoy a hip-hop dance class, an extracurricular activity which is part of ABC Clubs. Resource Coordinators play a vital role in organizing these activities for students.

It’s resource coordinator appreciation week and we have a lot of tremendous people to celebrate! Across Cincinnati, Activities Beyond the Classroom has nine (soon to be ten) resource coordinators in Cincinnati Public Schools. These fantastic people change the lives of the students they serve on a daily basis, and we’d like to send them a round of applause this week.

What does a resource coordinator do?

A resource coordinator identifies needs within a school and community and works to find the resources to fill those needs. These people are creative, collaborative listeners that find ways to create solutions out of problems.

You may be wondering, what does that actually look like? Good question: there is no one answer! Resource coordination looks different for every school and community, even within the smaller sample size of Cincinnati.

For example, take two of our awesome resource coordinators: Dana and Onyango. Dana is the resource coordinator at Aiken High School, and her time is spent cultivating community gardens, connecting students to healthcare providers, and supporting student musicians in overseas development opportunities.  Onyango, on the other hand, is the resource coordinator at Cheviot Elementary School, and his time is spent coordinating technology learning at the Cheviot House, overseeing athletic programming, and ensuring students have access to a variety of free after-school activities.

While Dana and Onyango’s days may look completely different, they share one common goal: listening to and supporting a community to make school and life better.

We Thank You!

We believe that our resource coordinators have the power to change lives every day in their jobs. We believe it because we have seen it happen! These superheroes make the world a brighter place everyday by showing up for our communities, and we cannot thank them enough for all they do for our students, our neighborhoods, and our city.

See below for a complete list of our ABC resource coordinators. Thank your school’s resource coordinator and let them know how they brighten your day!

Darcus Anderson, Roselawn Condon School Resource Coordinator
Dana Bierman, Aiken High School Resource Coordinator
Onyango Collier, Cheviot School Resource Coordinator
Sheena Dunn, Frederick Douglass Elementary Resource Coordinator
Cheri Jordan, Silverton Elementary Resource Coordinator
James Lacey, Woodford Academy Resource Coordinator
Taneeka Porter, Covedale School Resource Coordinator
Cortnee Smith, College Hill Fundamental Academy Resource Coordinator
Shelby Zimmer, Winton Hills Academy Resource Coordinator