Lawrence-Bille Carmen

Carmen’s personal mission statement is to “be a force of positive change in the world,” and she can think of no better way to accomplish that than by investing in and supporting our youth.

A former actor, Carmen stepped into the nonprofit field to increase accessibility, equity, and diversity in the arts. She managed two small theatre companies before pursuing her graduation education at the University of Cincinnati, where she earned an MBA and MA in nonprofit administration. She’s worn a lot of hats in her work, including Camps Coordinator, Manager of Individual Giving, Director of Development, Managing Director, Marketing Manager, and Administrative Consultant. As she steps into the role of Director of Advancement at ABC, Carmen will oversee fundraising, marketing, community outreach, organizational storytelling, and data management.

In her spare time, Carmen can be found hiking with her dog, playing old video games, spending time with family, reading, and writing.