Student Musicians Share Recital Selections

It’s been a stressful couple of months for students across Cincinnati. The Ben Carlson-Berne (BCB) Fund’s programs had to deal with a lot of confusion and uncertainty between COVID-19, school closures, and social isolation.

For students who had the technological means, lessons were taken online, and everybody had to adjust the way they are used to learning; essentially learning how to learn again. Even worse, the recital the BCB students had been preparing for all year was cancelled.

No matter how stressful the situation was, these music students refused to let COVID-19 silence their progress and art. A few students in the Ben Carlson-Berne Fund were able to record their recital pieces, and ABC is excited to share them here. Thanks to the BCB Fund for sharing the hard work of these students and reminding audiences of the beauty in our everyday

You can click on any of the three videos below to watch these amazing students perform their recital selections.

ABC is proud to be the fiscal sponsor of BCB.

Jordan (Clarinet) performs "Scherzo in C Minor" by Paul Kroepke

Shawnta (French Horn) and her teacher Jessica (Piano) perform "Nocturno Op. 7" by Franz Strauss

Manny (Bass) performs a selection of "The Dragonetti Waltz" by Domenico Dragonetti