The Music Plays on Through COVID Obstacles

Through the uncertainty of COVID-19, the Ben Carlson-Berne (BCB) Scholarship Fund is working hard to remain a reliable resource in the lives of their students. Private lessons have already resumed virtually for the talented students in SCPA and other select schools, and BCB began private lessons for several new students, too!

The BCB’s additional programs have also continued and grown. Their burgeoning after school program at Oyler School continues into its second year, and four new students began violin lessons with the BCB’s talented teachers. BCB even managed to keep these introductory classes mostly in-person, focusing their efforts on socially distanced, in-person learning. The BCB’s in-school lessons at Withrow University High School recently received the support of ArtsWave’s Catalyzing Impact Grant for young nonprofit programming supporting community impact. The program is set to continue this year as planned with creative solutions in place for the many difficult obstacles that COVID-19 has presented.

ABC is amazed and thrilled to see how well the Ben Carlson-Berne Scholarship Fund’s students have been able to pivot and find new ways to learn this year. They have demonstrated spectacular determination, resilience, and patience this year, and the flexibility and care expressed by their teachers is profound. We hope to have recitals again one day, but in the meantime we are thrilled to know the music still plays on!

Activities Beyond the Classroom is the fiscal sponsor of the Ben Carlson-Berne Scholarship Fund.