Winton Hills Academy Hosts Speakers From Bengals and Reds at Donuts With Dad Events

Vincent Rey, of the Cincinnati Bengals, addresses the audience at Winton Hills Academy

The mentorship and guidance of parental figures can be essential to the development of children. Studies have shown that more parental involvement can directly contribute to increased confidence, better communication skills, and positive cognitive and social adjustments. With this in mind, Shelby Zimmer, ABC Resource Coordinator at Winton Hills Academy, teamed up with Alpha Delta Boule to create an event called Donuts with Dad.

The event was such a hit that all 50 registration slots were filled within four hours, creating the need to host a second Donuts with Dad event (which also rapidly filled to capacity).

Upon arriving at Winton Hills for the event, students and their fathers chose what items they wanted for breakfast from a large assortment of Servatii’s donuts, juices, coffee, and water. After a greeting and introduction from Shelby, the speakers took the stage.

On October 15, 2021, the speaker was former Bengals linebacker and now team chaplain, Vincent Rey. Rey shared his story of growing up in Queens, NY, where his father heavily encouraged him to chase his dreams. According to Rey, it was his encouragement from his father that helped give him the confidence to push forward and pursue his goal of making it to the NFL.

Rey continued by speaking to the students about the importance of listening to authority figures. Rey confessed that there were times he felt rebellious, but is glad he ultimately listened to the advice of his father. Rey advised all of the students to listen to the advice of their fathers and all authority figures, and encouraged each of them to pursue their own dreams.

When he was done speaking, Vincent Rey graciously took questions from and pictures with the audience. The level of engagement from the students and the nature of their questions made it very clear that they had taken the messages from Rey to heart.

Pastor Kirk Kirkland speaks to the audience at Winton Hills Academy

On October 21, the Donuts for Dad speaker was Kirk Kirkland, Revive Church pastor and Cincinnati Reds team chaplain. Kirkland spoke about how much kids look up to their fathers, and the important role they play in the lives of their children. Kirkland motivated fathers to strive to set a positive example, and encourage their children to accomplish their goals. In addition, Kirkland spoke about listening to fathers and authority figures. Kirkland’s messages were very well received by students and fathers alike.

After he finished speaking, Kirkland also engaged in a question and answer session with the audience, followed by a photo opportunity with the students and their parents. The jubilant crowd truly listened to and enjoyed hearing Pastor Kirkland speak at the Donuts with Dad event.

Alpha Delta Boule and Shelby Zimmer Contribute to Success of Donuts with Dad

In Cincinnati, the name Jim Anderson is commonly associated with the Bengals, given his 29-year tenure as the running backs coach. However, since retiring, he works tirelessly with the Cincinnati chapter of Alpha Delta Boule. The Alpha Delta Boule is a non-profit organization which is heavily involved in helping students at Cincinnati Public Schools through various programs and opportunities.

This event would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts of Coach Anderson, Marty Dunn, and the Alpha Delta Boule. Coach Anderson was vital in arranging Vincent Rey to speak at Winton Hills, and the Alpha Delta Boule supported both events financially as well. ABC is honored to work with such an esteemed organization, and partnerships like this help exemplify our mission.

Jim Anderson, of the Alpha Delta Boule

In the past, the Alpha Delta Boule and ABC have collaborated to get stories written by elementary school students from Winton Hills and Bond Hill, turned into published books. These books are titled Judge Jones and Big O, written about Judge Nathaniel Jones and Oscar Robertson respectively, and are available at various branches of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

We’re also thankful for Shelby Zimmer, ABC resource coordinator at Winton Hills, who was vital in organizing the event. From helping organize the sign-up process, coordinating the staff at Winton Hills, and being the point-person to ensure that the event went well, Shelby did exceptional work in the organization of the Donuts with Dads events, and we are incredibly grateful to have her on the ABC team.