Elementary Soccer

Activities Beyond the Classroom provides elementary-aged students throughout Cincinnati with the opportunity to participate in our soccer program, at no cost to the students or their families. During both spring and fall seasons, students engage in a full soccer season, competing for their respected schools. Each season culminates in an end-of-year celebration to celebrate their accomplishments on the field.

Soccer is a sport that is played worldwide reaching across cultural and language barriers, allowing students from various backgrounds, skill levels and physical compositions to work to achieve a common goal. In this program, ABC partners with members of the community to teach students the basics of soccer while allowing them to participate in a team sport. Students have multiple practices each week, where they learn and work on the basic rules and concepts of the sport. Students then compete against teams from other schools, during a brief season.

ABC partners with FC Cincinnati and numerous community partners to deliver this program to students completely free of charge, providing all equipment and transportation the students will need. In addition, professional athletes from FC Cincinnati, participate in the practices and activities encouraging students to pursue their physical talents. ABC is incredibly grateful for the incredible support provided by FC Cincinnati and the FC Cincinnati Foundation

This year, ABC’s elementary soccer program will be offered to students at 27 different CPS elementary schools. 

ABC's End of Season Soccer Celebrations

Since November 2022, ABC has partnered with FC Cincinnati and Cincinnati Public Schools to host the Elementary Soccer Celebration for students enrolled in ABC’s elementary soccer program. This free event happens biennially, and it brings together elementary school students from all our participating schools for mini-games, skills clinics, and fun health oriented and team building activities. 

Upon reaching Stargel Stadium, students spend the morning engaging in sessions dedicated to skills and drills activities on the field. These fun activities include dribble circles, relay races, passing & trapping, & even soccer golf. In addition, professionals from Mercy Health teach students valuable lessons in stretching & health education.

In the afternoon, students enjoy a free lunch, and get to take in the breathtaking sights of World Famous TQL Stadium. Following lunch, students participate in team-based artwork, creating decorative signs to represent their schools. 

As they depart for the day, each student is presented with a certificate, representing completion of the fall soccer program. In addition, every student receives a soccer ball, t-shirt, ABC backpack, and more.

While this event had taken place prior to COVID, the occasion on November 2022 marked the return of the event, and also the first time ABC’s Elementary Soccer Celebration has taken place in its new format, at Stargel and TQL Stadiums.

Fall Celebration 2023

On November 9, ABC hosted the 2nd annual End of Year Soccer Celebration for many of the students in its elementary soccer program. 348 students from 27 CPS elementary schools were able to engage in a full day of fun, soccer-related activities. 

You can read more about this event, and see a lot more pictures, by clicking here: https://abccincy.org/abc-eoysoccer23/

Spring Celebration 2023

On Friday, May 5, 2023, the Spring over students in ABC’s Elementary Soccer program descended on Stargel Stadium in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood for a full-day of soccer related activities. Over 80 students represented 8 different CPS elementary schools were given the free opportunity to participate in this day-long event.

To read more about, and see all of the pictures from this event, click here: https://abccincy.org/abc-springsoccer23/

Fall Celebration 2022

On November 11, Activities Beyond the Classroom hosted a soccer celebration for the many students participating in its elementary programming. Of the approximately 500 students involved in the program, 327 students from 19 CPS elementary schools were able to leave their desks for the school day to engage in a full day of soccer activities.

You can read more about that day, and see lots more pictures, by clicking here: https://abccincy.org/soccerinvitational-2022/